Those who invent doctrine will go to most any length to justify their denial of the truth of the scriptures. Jimmy and Donnie Swaggart, plus those who work for the Swaggarts, make themselves not only look foolish with their denial of plain teaching, but create doctrines that compound their foolishness. In addition, they demonstrate a lack of understanding of the truth all the while proclaiming themselves as preachers of truth. In truth, they are purveyors of false doctrine and as often as not, they prove themselves guilty of teaching false doctrine while also demonstrating their lack of Bible knowledge. And when caught teaching false doctrine, the lies fly fast and furious concerning what was said.

On July 6, 2011, during the Francis and Friends Show, a question was asked by a caller concerning baptism. The caller said that she was a believer and wanted know whether she should be baptized, but didn’t know who would do it if she decided on it. Donnie Swaggart said that baptism is an ordinance of the church (It isn’t. It is a teaching of Christ and members of the church teach it and administer it.) and told her she could baptize herself. How? Fill the bath tub with water and immerse one’s self. On 02-15-2012, Francis Swaggart told a woman that she could stick her head under the water at the sink and say that she baptized herself in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Again, on December 9, 2011 Donnie Swaggart repeated that one could baptize themselves. Then on February 14, 2012, he said that anyone who was in danger in a country where being a believer was dangerous that they could baptize themselves and he repeated that on February 15, 2012. When challenged about the baptizing of self he claimed  that he only said that was to be done when someone was in danger and repeated the statement of being in danger if baptism was requested. He lied and said he never made any reference to baptizing self except for being in danger. Again, when he told the caller of self-baptism on July 6, 2011, there wasn’t any reference to being in danger. Neither was there a reference to being in danger when he spoke on December 9, 2011. 

It is bad enough to misstate scriptures, but it is appalling that he who claims to know the Bible would make up false doctrine with no scriptural foundation for the statement and later lie concerning what he said. There is not a verse or verses anywhere in the Bible that teaches self baptism. Donnie Swaggart’s false statement not only defies Bible teaching, the statement is so patently false one has to conclude it is a deliberate falsification of the truth concerning baptism and therefore is a lie. A question can be asked. If he will lie about baptizing self and the reason for his saying it, what else is he lying about concerning the Bible content?

The Swaggarts and their fellows make so many false statements it is not possible to detail all of them. The self baptism statement is one of the most egregious of their many false teachings. In the lesson that follows, the scriptural reasons will be given to show why Donnie Swaggart is promoting a lie when he teaches self-baptism. It centers on what Jesus taught and the reason for baptism which the Swaggart’s deny to the point of making up teachings as explained above. 

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